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Download Kickboxing Academy Full Movie | Kickboxing Academy The Film In Hd

Posted on: March 15, 2013

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Genres: Action , Comedy , Sport
Actors: Chyler Leigh , David Everett , Christopher Khayman Lee , Daphne Duplaix , Eric Miranda , Kely McClung , Cory Ferguson , Matt Davis , Justin DePrume , Connor Reilly , Donna Barnes , Steven Bauer , Tony Pacheco , James Gallen , Tom Scalise
Director: Richard Gabai
Country: United States
Year: 1997
IMDB Rating: 2.6/10 (377 votes)

A young former kickboxer is needed for his old school as they prepare for competition against a rival school for ownership. But, the young kickboxer is afraid after nearly killing someone in a earlier tournament. He must now make his try to put his past behind him or his friends lose their school.

Film Review

This is the worst movie ever made. The fighting (if you can call it fighting) scenes are worse than the 3 Ninjas movies. Fart noises and stupid faces make up this movie. This is stupid even for a kid flick. Stay very far away from this movie.

-Warning- ***May contain spoilers***(as if anyone cares)Ok. What to say about this movie? I have watched through it a few times, and I just can’t figure it out. I took it upon myself to do some research on the background of this movie. Literally, I kept thinking about how bad it was all the time. It was haunting my dreams. With some minimal digging, I found some very disturbing info on the movie. We’ll get to that later. Let’s look at all the things wrong with Kickboxing Academy.First and foremost, the actors. In many instances, the actors can make or break the movie, and in this case, they broke it. If nothing about the movie were different except the quality of the acting, it could’ve been somewhat watchable, save the horrible editing conflicts and poor plot. By far the worst actor in the movie is the gimp who played Stan. What were they thinking? I think they selected the actors in the following manner: they walked around on the streets of Miami, found random people, a…

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