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Download Reincarnation Full Movie | Watch Film Of Reincarnation

Posted on: March 15, 2013

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Genres: Horror , Mystery
Actors: Yûka , Karina , Kippei Shiina , Tetta Sugimoto , Shun Oguri , Marika Matsumoto , Mantarô Koichi , Atsushi Haruta , Miki Sanjô , Mao Sasaki , Hiroto Itô , Takako Fuji , Yasutoki Furuya , Tomoko Mochizuki , Hiroshi Okazaki
Director: Takashi Shimizu
Country: Japan
Year: 2005
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 (3830 votes)

Nagisa Sugiura (Yuka) is a young Japanese actress who comes face to face with a slew of ghosts. These restless spirits begin to appear when she signs on to star in a horror film which tells the true story about a crazed, local professor whose murderous rampage at a hotel left 11 guests dead, including his young son and daughter. The movie is being filmed at the very site where the killings took place.

Film Review

I consider myself retired from modern Asian ghost films after having been stung by the likes of The Grudge, The Ring, The Eye, A Tale of Two Sisters etc…but I decided to give this one a chance anyway because it was a part of the Eight Films to Die For series (which I've been slowly making my way through) and because the plot sounded rather interesting. While I would say that this film is above average for its type; and certainly better than most of the other modern Japanese horror films that I've seen, I wouldn't really say it was worth the time or effort. The plot focuses on a young actress that is given a role in a horror film after proclaiming to the producers that she would be perfect for the role as she was killed in a previous life. The film depicts the real life murders of a bunch of hotel guests by a crazed madman, and it's being filmed at the very place where the massacre took place. It's not long before the actress begins to be haunted by the malev…

If u think movies like "The Ring" and "Grudge" are scary enough then u should see this one. One thing I hate and love about East-Asian movies is that most of times there's no predictable happy ending. If it wasn't for the weak beginning, "Reincarnation" would deserve a 10 out of 10 in horror genre. It has everything a horror movie needs and above all it's not just a simple horror movie. In about half of the film I thought it has the same plot as "Bunshinsaba" or "The Eye" but then it turned out to be completely different from that old overused plot. U'll get everything u need to get scared and to feel sorry for and until the very last minute u cannot predict the ending. So it should be a good choice just to feel creepy.

"We'll stay together forever."College Professor, Kazuya Omori(Shun Oguri)claims the lives of eleven victims(including his wife, son & daughter)before committing suicide in a hotel in 1970, the 45th day of Showa. Movie director Ikuo Matsumura(Kippei Shiina)is motivated to create a portrait which focuses on the lives of the victims, shying away from the murderer. In a sense, his screenplay, "Memories" fashioned from memoirs and items involving those unfortunate victims whose fates were sealed on that day, is a testament or way of honoring them. Actress Nagisa Sugiura(Yûka)is selected to portray the little girl who was killed by her father, Omori and as soon as the script is delivered to her, strange occurrences plague her. She sees memories of that horrifying day, often reliving them as if drawn into that specific time. A college student, Yayoi Kinoshita(Karina)is having dreams of a specific hotel, and in her pursuit for that location, realizes it is th…

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