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Download Young at Heart Full Movie | Watch Free Young at Heart

Posted on: March 15, 2013

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Genres: Drama , Musical , Romance
Actors: Doris Day , Frank Sinatra , Gig Young , Ethel Barrymore , Dorothy Malone , Robert Keith , Elisabeth Fraser , Alan Hale Jr. , Lonny Chapman , Frank Ferguson
Director: Gordon Douglas
Country: United States
Year: 1954
IMDB Rating: 6.7/10 (1231 votes)

When Alex enters the lives of the musical Tuttle family, each of the three daughters falls for him. He is charming, good looking and personable. Laurie and Alex seem made for each other and become engaged. When Barney comes into the picture to help Alex with some musical arrangements matters become complicated. He is seen as a challenge by Laurie, who can’t believe anyone could be as cynical, and she is more than a match for his gloomy outlook on life.

Film Review

Overall, I really liked Young At Heart. It was lovely to watch, with dazzling photography and lovely colours. The scenery, especially on the beach, was breathtaking, and the costumes were fabulous. The film at just under two hours is the perfect length, and there is a nicely crafted screenplay, and a good plot. In fact the only problems I had with this otherwise great movie was the tacked on ending and I felt that Barney's attempts to solve everyone's problems never quite rang true. But, the film is very sweet and pleasant in tone and is well intentioned from the start. The songs by Irving Berlin and Ira Gershwin(George's brother)are just superb, especially the quintessential Young At Heart. The performances were spot on, with Frank Sinatra surly enough as Barney and the beautiful Doris Day sweet and sensitive as Laurie. And their chemistry was wholly believable. Gig Young, Ethel Barrymore and Dorothy Malone all give terrific supporting performances. All in all, one fin…

Seventeen years after John Garfield made his smoky screen entrance in "Four Daughters," and startled the movie world with his acidic performance, Frank Sinatra undertakes the role in a remake entitled, "Young at Heart."To me, it’s a formula film, studio calculated to give stars Sinatra and Doris Day just the right amount of dramatic scenes interspersed with their favorite song numbers.Much of the public "bought it," and went with its patent soapy romanticism, while others weren’t as smitten by its glossy contrivances.The cast here is top notch. With Ethel Barrymore, Gig Young and Dorothy Malone as supports, lovely color and pretty sets, there’s lots of heavy talent here. Sinatra selects his personal standard favorites, like Cole Porter, to help guarantee quality in his numbers.Day likewise selects just the right material to bring out her best, and she looks and sounds just fine. Alas, the script is quite reedy, and the amazingly abrupt "happy end…

(spoilers included)For about half an hour, there are parlour songs and clambake songs with the whole family around and these are sung by Doris Day (as Laurie.) These are somewhat loud (as Doris Day usually is a bit) but not too loud (as she is sometimes, as in THE PAJAMA GAME, when a strident sound is produced). However, even this would have been hard to take much longer.During this early part of the film Alex (Gig Young) appears as the son of an old friend of Day’s father (Robert Keith). He makes himself well-liked, which may have to do with a milieu I am no longer a part of, because it is beyond me why the 3 girls (Day, Dorothy Malone, and Elisabeth Fraser) find him so charming: He is loud, pushy, obnoxious and even overtly inconsiderate. He’s gonna write a MUSICAL…wow…Almost as suddenly (Barney Sloan) Frank Sinatra appears as Alex’s arranger and this opens up a fantastically dark new mood immediately. If you didn’t know something about the film or story before hand, you wo…

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