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Posted on: March 18, 2013

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Genres: Comedy
Actors: Kenneth Connor , Charles Hawtrey , Leslie Phillips , Joan Sims , Kenneth Williams , Hattie Jacques , Rosalind Knight , Cyril Chamberlain , Ted Ray , Richard O’Sullivan , George Howell , Diana Beevers , Jacqueline Lewis , Roy Hines , Carol White
Director: Gerald Thomas
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1959
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 (684 votes)

Pupils run amock at Maudin Street School in an attempt to hang on to their headmaster. He has applied for a new job, but the students like him and don’t want to lose him. They concoct a plan – blacken his record in front of the Ministry Inspector and then he won’t ever be able to get another job! Written by Simon N. McIntosh-Smith Two school inspectors come to the school to assess the performance of the staff with their control over the children. It is a constant battle between the kids and the teachers, with some teachers like Miss Short favoring the ‘hard- hitting’ method while others such as Mr. Milton favoring a less disciplinary approach. All this happens because the pupils want the headmaster to stay. There is the ‘blossoming romance’ story thread and the kids have fun sabotaging a piano, a rocket, and a play.

Film Review

This is not among the best of the Carry Ons, the story is rather basic, Ted Ray is on the dull side for my liking and there is a sense of sentimentality that gets cloying after a while. However, it does look great, has a quirky score, is well directed and with the script, pranks and staff-room infighting as snappy and as good as they are there is very rare a dull moment. Likewise with the cast, Kenneth Connor and Kenneth Williams are both delightful, Leslie Phillips gives one of his better Carry On performances while Joan Sims is superb. Overall, a gentle and entertaining entry, without being one of the best. 8/10 Bethany Cox

I enjoyed the first two entries more than this one. The third go around has the Carry On crew teaching at a school. They are headed by Kenneth Conner, Kenneth Williams, Hattie Jacques, Joan Sims and Charles Hawtrey. To me, no one stands out in this film like the first two films. Sims character is named "Alcock" which is a little shocking. Couldn't they pick a more decent name for her. Two psychiatrists visit the school to see how well it is being run by the faculty. The man is instantly attracted to Joan Sims when he sees her. I have always had a problem with Joan Sims and Barbara Windsor playing a sexy role. They are not sexy to me at all, and they do not have great shapes, even for the 60's and 70's. I really do like Joan Sims as an actress, but not as a sex symbol. There was a little to much sexual innuendo from the children which I did not care for. I know that is what Carry On became later on, but there is a fine line and I think it was crossed in this en…

The Carry On series started quite well with the Sergeant, Teacher and Nurse titles. They were not great art but they were funny for their times. The performances were fresh and fairly original though they were to become caricatures of themselves in later films and a lot less funny. The scripts were quite well written and there were stories and plots which were sadly lacking in the films that followed. I have just watched Carry on Teacher on TV as an exercise in nostalgia and have to say have enjoyed it again. I just cannot watch the later Sid James, Jim Dale and Barbara Windsor ones-I find them crass and crude in the extreme. It would be a tragedy if the British film industry were judged on the whole Carry On series as they became a watchword for smut and innuendo – nothing wrong with innuendo if it is done well but the Carry On's generally did not do it well – mind you they were incredibly successful.

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