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Download Dean Spanley Full Movie | Dean Spanley Full Lenght Film In Dvd Format

Posted on: March 18, 2013

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Genres: Comedy , Drama
Actors: Jeremy Northam , Sam Neill , Bryan Brown , Peter O’Toole , Art Malik , Ramon Tikaram , Xavier Horan , Barbara Wilshere , Angela Clerkin , Dudley Sutton , Shaughan Seymour , Charlotte Graham , Haydon Downing , Miriama McDowell , Bruce Hopkins
Director: Toa Fraser
Country: New Zealand, United Kingdom
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 (1847 votes)

Each Thursday, a man approaching middle age calls upon his father, aged, caustic, nihilistic, and emotionally distant, perhaps from the loss of a son in the Boer War and his wife soon after. On this day, the son suggests they attend a visiting guru’s lecture on the transmigration of souls. There they chat with a vicar and a soldier of fortune; dinner follows. Over glasses of Hungarian Tokay, the vicar, Dean Spanley, tells a story of friendship, freedom, and reincarnation. In what earthly way could this tale connect father and son?

Film Review

We saw this delightful film yesterday in Fremantle and both of us were enchanted by the opportunity to watch a movie without all the bells and whistles, with an outstanding cast and with a script that left the viewer with some questions.I am not sure about Diane but I saw a film that I did not expect to see; a film whose script made me wonder at the eventual direction of the film and one that made both of us cherish the impact of such a gentle story well told. I was captivated by the shot selection of the director as well as the materializing of those shots through the talent of the cinematographer. Gentle movies are rare these days and New Zealand seems to be a country that has the movie making impetus to provide superb movies of a different style. The viewing public is indeed fortunate that this movie producing country can continue making movies of this caliber.Of course the movie was not just a New Zealand production; the graceful hand of English film makers was evident throughout …

An incredibly pleasant and unexpected surprise.Surrender the one hundred minutes and be attentive to this incognito masterpiece – a refreshingly warm and wonderful experience perpetrated by the author, the producer, the director and consummate actors in made-for-roles. For the mature of all ages.Quote – Young Fisk: "It is a common place observation that remarkable events often have ordinary beginnings"Quote – Old Fisk to Young Fisk: "One moment you are running along, the next, you are, no more"Ziek /bamfrmcan

Based on the book of the same name by Lord Dunsany,Dean Spanley is a quirky but very moving and well written story about amongst other things family,friendship,dogs and Tokay wine.Set during the early 1900's it tells the story of Mr Fisk Junior(Jeremy Northam)who's life mainly revolves around Thursday meetings with his distant father Horatio Fisk(Peter O'Toole).Horatio is emotionally distant and set in his ways and is silently mourning the death of his other son Harrington.Harrington was killed in the Boar war and his death destroyed the family with his mother dying of her grief.On one Thursday outing to attend a seminar on reincarnation they meet the mysterious priest Dean Spanley(Sam Neill).The Dean we later learn believes he was a dog in a past life and keeps having flashbacks to that life.Fisk Junior along with the good old Australian middle man Wrather(Bryan Brown)invites the Dean to dinner several times to learn more about him.Wrather is able to purchase several c…

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