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Posted on: March 18, 2013

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Genres: Action , Comedy
Actors: Anthony Franciosa , Raquel Welch , Ronald Fraser , Richard Briers , Greta Chi , Tom Adams , Elizabeth Ercy , Ann Lancaster , Tutte Lemkow , Reg Lye , Clive Revill
Director: Leslie H. Martinson
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1967
IMDB Rating: 5.7/10 (623 votes)

In Europe with a U.S. team, skydiver Fathom Harvill is approached by a Scottish colonel working for a top-secret Western agency. He’s after a vital lost atomic device, and wants her to parachute into a house occupied by some Red Chinese to help get the thing back. Apart from all this there is a predatory continental doctor on his yacht to take account of. Fathom soon realises none of this is as it seems, but can she fathom the truth out?

Film Review

This is the quintessential Raquel Welch movie. In her most beautiful prime (27) and in a plot that allows for many opportunities to display that beauty, she shows why she was the ultimate sex symbol of the sixties, and, for many of us, of all time. Most of her films never fully captured her incredible appeal; this one does!

Back in 1967, Raquel Welch's appearance (rather than performance) in "Fathom" helped jump-start the puberties of around 40 million baby-boomer boys. I never got the chance to see this picture back in '67, unfortunately, and had to have MY puberty jump-started the old-fashioned way: by watching James Bond in the movies and Honey West and Emma Peel on TV (not to mention Laurie R. in junior high!). But 40 years after the fact, I finally caught up with "Fathom" last night. And you know what? The picture really isn't half bad. It's got a good, twisty, intelligent script, tongue in cheek though it may be; beautiful Spanish location shooting; and some colorful characters. The picture also moves quickly and features some good action sequences (such as Racky dodging a maddened bull in a bullring and swimming away from a harpooner in a speedboat). Half the fun in the movie comes from trying to figure out who is lying and what the characters' various …

Fathom open in Finland on December 1, 1967 and open 12 days later in New York City on December 13th 1967. Fathom is a 1967 British spy comedy film directed by Leslie H. Martinson, starring Anthony Franciosa and Raquel Welch. Fathom Harvill (Raquel Welch) is a dental assistant and an American skydiver touring Europe with a U.S. parachute team. A Scottish agent to recover an atomic triggering mechanism approaches her. The film was based on Larry Forrester's second Fathom novel Fathom Heavensent then in the draft stage but never published. His first Fathom novel was 1967's A Girl Called Fathom. The film was one of three 1967 20th Century Fox films about female spies; the others being Doris Day's Caprice and Andrea Dromm's Come Spy with Me.Summary: The movie opens with a body shot of Fathom pounding in a post. Then Fathom starts to unroll her parachute. She then repacks the parachute. Fathom then heads for the sky to parachute in competition. After winning the skydivin…

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