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Download Five Across the Eyes Full Movie | Watch Five Across the Eyes 2009 Full Movie

Posted on: March 18, 2013

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Genres: Horror
Actors: Sandra Paduch , Danielle Lilley , Mia Yi , Angela Brunda , Jennifer Barnett , Veronica Garcia , Dave Jarnigan , Keith Smith , Abby Vessell , Jane Swinson
Director: Greg Swinson , Ryan Thiessen
Country: United States
Year: 2006
IMDB Rating: 3.0/10 (1147 votes)

The teenagers Isabella, Jamie, Melanie, Caroline and Stephanie are lost in a shortcut they took in their way back home. The inexperienced Bell is driving her mother’s van and is worried about the late hour. The quintet decides to stop in an isolated store to ask for directions, and Bell accidentally bumps one headlight of a parked SUV. The girls decide to leave the place and drive in the dark and lonely road trying to reach the main road. They decide to make a u-turn and they are chased by the driver of the SUV along a night of terror. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil “On their way home from a high school football game, five teenage girls become hopelessly lost. When they stop to get directions at a desolate store, the girls are involved in a minor fender bender which leaves an unattended SUV one headlight short. Inexperienced and frightened that they’ll get into trouble, the girls flee the scene of the accident and speed away down the dark and unfamiliar roads. As they blindly make their way across an area the locals call THE EYES, the girls are suddenly shocked to see one lone headlight appear behind them. As the driver of the damaged SUV begins one terrifying assault after another, the five girls will lose their innocence and possibly their lives in this brutal and shocking thrill ride.”

Film Review

Some of the reviewers on here give this one a perfect score or even 7,8 or 9 out of 10? It is impossible not to think these people are just "plants" or friends of the film makers or something. One of the biggest clues is when they praise the acting. The acting really? That is the one thing I am certainly correct about. The acting in this movie is the worst I have seen. Yep worse than anything coming out of Hollywood. Honestly I think it would be hard to find this many terrible actors in one place again. Even the crazy woman could not act to save herself. Let me say it again, the acting is the worst possible… How about the rest of the movie? It couldn't be that bad right? This movie really IS that bad. This one gets 1 out of 10 from me which is serious. I wouldn't normally give a score that low but here is a movie that deserves the "1" rating. But don't take my word for it, see it so you will know a new genre in horror. The really really really real…

Our story begins with five girls returning from a football game, and stops at a desolate gas station to ask for directions after getting lost, while there they accidentally bump into another car that belongs to a shotgun wielding nut job that begins to chase the five girls and subjects them to gruesome acts of torture.Considering I only sat through this thing for 30 minutes and couldn't make heads or tails what the storyline was supposed to be about, I would say the only people that are subjected to gruesome torture, are the ones that sat through the entire 90 minutes of this film, and honestly I often wonder if some filmmakers ever realize they are making a pile of crap, because the five women we are introduced to are so annoying and incredibly stupid, the only thing they seem good for is screaming, yelling, reciting the dumbest lines I've ever heard, and the best part is when the shotgun basket case, at one point after the one girl is forced to pee on her clothes and killer …

Its a shame that some of you don't recognize brilliance when you see it. Five Across The Eyes is a horror movie masterpiece! It is by far the best horror movie ever made! The end!!! It is the only horror movie that can successfully disturb and horrify me every time I watch it. I've lost count of the number of times I've watched it and the tool box scene makes me sick to my stomach every time! The Blair Witch cinematography is brilliant. It made me feel like I was watching actual real footage and not just some crappy bigger budget Hollywood movie like The Strangers for instance. Or the horrendous remake of Friday the Thirteenth. Both of which are terrible terrible movies. But the cinematography in Five Across The Eyes makes it feel totally realistic. I believed what I saw on the screen was actually happening. And that made it all the scarier and completely pulled me into the film from beginning to end.At first the acting seems like it might not be that good but that is n…

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