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Posted on: March 18, 2013

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Genres: Action
Actors: David Bao , Michael Chin , Robin Ho , Zulkifli Ismail , Jun-Fei Kuan , Yee-tung Kwan , Shawn Lee , Patrick Teoh , Albert Yuen
Director: C.L. Hor
Country: Malaysia
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 3.5/10 (144 votes)


Film Review

Yes i totally agreed with cffong, this work of disgrace is soo horrible it actually cause me nightmares , few days of sleepless nights, its so bad that thinking about it will traumatize me all over again.The visual effect is work than any Malaysian movie made in the 70's, director doesn't even understand the concept of story telling, no focal point on any characters, story flow and script close to non existence, the writer tries to make it historical throw is some fictional tin miner story, with not a single reference to the actual deal, then all of sudden it becomes a kungfu flick where all the miners turn mortal combatan, zzzzzz….. Its like the director and writer tries to torture me with bad actings, story, visual and sound. Pushing the viewer to the limit, making them suicidal,I warn u all that haven't seen it, its a CRIME AGAINST NATURE , a sin among men, don't put yourself to such cruel torture, but then again one could always buy it and send to ur mortal e…

Well first of all the CG was rather disappointing I didn't rent the movie to watch CG blood I rented it to watch a martial arts film which is what it is. It has nothing to do with historical facts (No more than say Indiana Jones) It has nothing to do with acting (because the acting was horrible) It had nothing to do with the directors abilities (because they are non existent) It was a martial arts film ( I am a wushu Thai Chi fan) The four leads were Wushu National champions (unlike a previous post that said they were "pretty good fighters" The lead bad guy was also a wushu nation champion) If you just want to watch a martial arts film its fine but if you want history or acting I would say no.

I apologize in advance for the subpar quality of my writing in this particular review, but I needed the better part of three bottles of wine just to get through this mess. If I had known ahead of time what was in store, I would have shelved the wine and gone straight for the whiskey. Anyway, this film takes four great fighters with multiple championships under their belts (some of them world-level), and yet instead focusing on their skills and making an entertaining martial arts film, 75% of the film is dedicated to giving you an aneurysm.-There is no focal point to the story (and I use the word "story" very loosely"), and the characters have no personality except for their sentence-long introduction during the opening credits. -There are these random jumps in time with no indication or explanation, so every time you're left confused for a few moments as you figure out if this is a flashback or a sudden fast-forward or something else. I guess they are trying to be …

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