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Download Nana Full Movie | Full Nana Movie Good Quality

Posted on: March 18, 2013

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Genres: Drama , Romance
Actors: Catherine Hessling , Jean Angelo , Werner Krauss , Raymond Guérin-Catelain , Claude Autant-Lara , Pierre Braunberger , André Cerf , Pierre Champagne , Jacqueline Ford , Jacqueline Forzane , Valeska Gert , Karl Harbacher , René Koval , Pierre Lestringuez , Roberto Pla
Director: Jean Renoir
Country: France
Year: 1926
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 (275 votes)

Film Review

Nana was the ninth volume in the Rougon-Macquart saga ,and actually the follow-up to the seventh "l'assommoir",because it told the story of Gervaise Coupeau's daughter,Nana ,a fly who raised from the gutter and the manure to corrupt the bourgeoisie.Nana was featured in "l'assommoir" ,first a vicious little girl,then at the end of the novel,she leaves the house for the broader horizons of a courtesan.When "Nana" (the novel and the film) begins,she tries her hand at "acting" .After her failure,she contents herself with being supported by the nobles and the rich wealthy persons.In her wake,she will cause despair and death.Catherine Hessling was Renoir's then-wife and she's well cast as the selfish despising cynical bitch whose motto must be "divide and rule".Like many actors,her career ended with the coming of the talkies;she was not really an actress,but a model of Renoir's father.The quality of the copy I saw is …

NANA is a dramatic love story by Renoir, one of the few directors that understood all aspects of cinematography. For me, these early mutes are the reason why cinematography is also an art form. Much more then the money driven "products" that came out the last years (spending millions on 1 film, but not including a story?). NANA only strengthened that opinion. It’s certainly not the best film from the thirties I’ve seen. I find some scenes too long for that, but it’s still very good. The sets are inside the hotel and house are amazing, the plot is strong. The actor that played Muffat is the best I’ve seen from that generation of films. I’m not really a fan of films that have a dramatic love story as a starting-point, I find it quickly too slow, but that’s just really un-PC from me. 😉 6.5/10

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