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Download Pterodactyl Full Movie | Where Can I Download Pterodactyl

Posted on: March 18, 2013

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Genres: Action , Adventure , Horror
Actors: Cameron Daddo , Coolio , Amy Sloan , George Calil , Ivo Cutzarida , Steve Braun , Mircea Monroe , Jessica Ferrarone , Danna Lee , Howie Lotker , Duke Faeger , Todd Kramer , David Nykl , Petr Jákl , Mikulás Kren
Director: Mark L. Lester
Country: United States
Year: 2005
IMDB Rating: 3.2/10 (1548 votes)

A dormant volcano deep with the Turkish forest holds within it a deadly secret. Perfectly preserved, a nest of pterodactyl eggs are ready to hatch…

Film Review

Let's start with the one good thing about this movie, the premise. This could have been a great Dino flick, right up there with "Q the Winged Serpent" or even the "Jurassic Park" films. However, the producer chose to go the cheap ass, very cheap ass, route and make a great premise into one of the worse horror, adventure, action films ever made. I think Jason Vorheese would have killed himself over this one. Anyway, i am getting off target. The Pteradactyls looked REALLY fake, which detracted from what little enjoyment there was from the film. The acting was simply beyond description. You know the acting is bad when Coolio is the high spot for acting. Had this film been in the hands of a skilled director and producer and effects house, it would have benefited greatly. The blood and guts, oddly enough, were quite well done, but that was about all.I should mention that the best moment in the film is when the whinny spoiled brat of a blond bimbo gets offed. Why do …

I'll give the creators the benefit of the doubt and believe they made this to be entered for a worst film festival. The main reasons are because of the absolute cheesiness of each and every situation, and the heavy handed attempt to show gore. The characters are "B" flick characters, all stereotypes. And they could be called mildly amusing if you're drinking a lot. All in all, this does look like a movie you only want to watch if you're pretty lit up. A lot of gore. A lot of heavy handed attempts to show pterodactyls as super "human killers". An over the top bit of cutting a human in half. A lot of scenes meant to get "Yew" and "Yuck" comments from the audience. Just about everyone gets killed in ways not at all meant to be creative, but probably meant to make fun of horror movie attempts to make death creative. I am totally amazed to see that 15 people gave this movie a "10" rating! Is that a joke?

Potential Spoilers!!! Think Sci-Fi Channel and the word "Pterodactyl" … whad'ya'think you're gonna get? There's probably a hundred different ways to tell a story called "Pterodactyl" on Sci-Fi; this is one of them. None of Sci-Fi's movies are "nine years in the making" with budgets the size of some economically-evolving countries.Personally, a Sci-Fi movie is the equivalent of a training college where you can go get your hair cut and styled by students. It's practice. A chance for those who might have some funk going on elsewhere to … do something else. Flex. Play. That's the actors, directors, writers, right on through to keeping grips employed.And keeping viewers entertained. Do we really expect a new movie every week with writing, directing, CGIs and all the enormous support that goes into a film these days to equal something like "Pirates of the Caribbean" or "King Kong"? Can we legally bludgeon them…

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