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Download 99 francs Full Movie | Whole Movie Of 99 francs

Posted on: March 19, 2013

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Genres: Drama , Comedy
Actors: Cendrine Orcier , Fosco Perinti , Antoine Basler , Dominique Bettenfeld , Nicolas Marié , Elisa Tovati , Vahina Giocante , Patrick Mille , Jocelyn Quivrin , Jean Dujardin , Mathis Jamet , Aurélie Boquien , Niels Dubost , Arsène Mosca , Dan Herzberg
Director: Jan Kounen
Country: France
Year: 2007
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10 (9770 votes)

Film Review

Octave, the creative talent of the advertising agency Ross & Witchcraft, spends most of the time in a drug induced fog. It is a miracle he can produce all those award winning commercials that everyone adore. If the unsuspecting viewers would only know how they are being manipulated into buying those products, they would be horrified. The makers of all those products seen in all the media, want to make a lot of money by saturating those 'captive' audiences sitting in front of their television sets, or reading a newspaper or magazine.As we come into the story, Octave is in the process of committing suicide. We watch in horror as he throws himself from the high rise in which he works, landing on a parked car. But this incident can be deceiving, as we get to learn. Octave's agency has been hired by the makers of "Starlight" a new lite yogurt to work on the concept that will generate the campaign for this product. When he comes out with an idea that is not wha…

It is some kind of malicious satire about adv. «99 francs» – at such price sold this book before introduction of currency of euro). The story is kept on behalf of the advertiser working in the Manon company (a prototype of the real company "Danon"). The world of adv, fashion and public relations is shown from within – and it isn't so ideal, as it seems to us. And it is not so ideal rather. Not so everything is beautiful, colourful and pleasant – as we, audience, consumers we see in commercials. In total, it is forged, skillfully arranged – only for the sake of profit, for the sake of money and profit, for the sake of that – that we everything as a result BOUGHT it! Also that we do?! We buy! Adv – the trade engine! Create beautiful adv. – and half of affairs it is made! So Beigbeder also describes emergence of the Madam of Advertising.But, unfortunately, any goods: whether it be sausage, yogurt, shoes, toys which is attractively shown i…

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