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Download Berlin Express Full Movie | The Berlin Express Film Online

Posted on: March 19, 2013

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Genres: Drama , Film-Noir , Thriller
Actors: Merle Oberon , Robert Ryan , Charles Korvin , Paul Lukas , Robert Coote , Reinhold Schünzel , Roman Toporow , Peter von Zerneck , Otto Waldis , Fritz Kortner , Michael Harvey , Tom Keene
Director: Jacques Tourneur
Country: United States
Year: 1948
IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 (1252 votes)

In divided Germany just after WWII, people from many different countries are passengers on a train. When one of the passengers, a German working for peace, is kidnapped by people who don’t want his ideas to work, the others must set aside their differences and work together to find him in time for an important conference. Written by Ken Yousten An express train from Paris to occupied postwar Germany holds French, American, German, British and Russian passengers, at least some of whom are more than they seem. A political assassination en route threatens an important conference, and beautiful Frenchwoman Lucienne recruits 4 fellow passengers of different nationalities to help find a missing man. As time runs out, the five must comb the shadowy ruins of bombed-out Frankfurt, with few clues to help them…

Film Review

Like the curate's egg, parts of Berlin Express are excellent. But the other parts? Be prepared for conscientious lectures, conventional and dull, about how life might be for us all if the U.S., Britain, France and the Soviets could work together and be jolly doing it. Divided Germany right after WWII is the subject, but we get the idea: We all just need to be friends. An anonymous narrator keeps telling us this, as well as pointing out what we're already seeing. It's no accident, I think, that Dore Schary supervised the making of this movie. If there was any possibility of pounding inspiring messages into an otherwise good movie, Schary was the producer with the mallet. Imbedded like those old-time prizes in clumps of stale, sticky Cracker Jack are the good parts. These are worth digging for. We're in the middle of a Nazi plot to keep the victors from working together, all to better the chances of these grubby but dangerous survivors of the Third Reich to divide an…

A young Robert Ryan is one of a multi-national collection of characters on a train bound for Berlin where they are due to hear an address by a Konrad Adanauer style politician who is endeavouring to oversee the peaceful unification of a defeated Germany in the wake of WWII. On board the train, this disparate group of strangers, which includes the politician's secretary, a British diplomat, a Frenchman and a Russian soldier, witness what they believe to be the assassination of the politician, although they later discover that he was actually a double used to divert attention away from the real peacemaker. However, the real politician is then kidnapped by a group of Nazis intent on resurrecting the Third Reich.Berlin Express is a solid enough thriller which clearly had loftier aspirations than most mainstream thrillers, and is considerably enhanced by some location footage of war-blasted Frankfurt that adds real atmosphere to the tale. The film attempts to underline the differences…

The only real reason to watch this film is for the location work in Frankfurt and Berlin which really shows the results of the allied bombing in WW2. There's some good black and white cinematography, and an interesting sequence in an old brewery, but for a movie that promises suspense and intrigue on a train, there's very little suspense, incomprehensible intrigue and not much on trains. Maybe the concept made sense in 1948, but the plot left my wife and me scratching our heads. Dr. Bernhardt is a German diplomat/professor who apparently has some sort of vision of a unified postwar Germany and is en route to a conference in Berlin to present it to the allies at a conference. There's another faction of Germans who oppose him, for reasons unknown. Exactly why we're supposed to care one way or the other is unclear, but the 2nd faction wants to prevent him from making his presentation. There's also some propaganda about postwar cooperation, particularly regarding …

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