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Download Body Heat Full Movie | I Want To Download Body Heat The Film

Posted on: March 19, 2013

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Genres: Thriller , Drama , Crime
Actors: Thom Sharp , Lynn Hallowell , Deborah Lucchesi , Larry Marko , Michael Ryan , Carola McGuinness , Lanna Saunders , Jane Hallaren , Kim Zimmer , Mickey Rourke , J.A. Preston , Ted Danson , Richard Crenna , Kathleen Turner , William Hurt
Director: Lawrence Kasdan
Country: United States
Year: 1981
IMDB Rating: 7.3/10 (16291 votes)

Ned Racine is a seedy small town lawyer in Florida. During a searing heatwave he’s picked up by married Matty Walker. A passionate affair commences but it isn’t long before they realise the only thing standing in their way is Matty’s rich husband Edmund. A plot hatches to kill him but will they pull it off?

Film Review

Noir is the new black. Since the end of the Fifties, Hollywood has never really recaptured that style of film-making where the guys are packing heat, the dames are just as deadly and the cigarette smoke hangs heavily in the air of rain-sodden streets and dimly lit alleys. Noir films offer an appealing mix of sex, glamour and danger and few films since the Fifties have got it right but thankfully, this is an exception. It may be a knowing homage bordering on parody at times but this remains a real gem of a movie, illuminated by a truly brilliant performance from a then-debuting actress.Sleazy small-town lawyer Ned Racine (William Hurt) struggles to cope during a Florida heatwave along with his partner Peter Lowenstein (Ted Danson). But Ned is helpless when he spots the sultry Matty Walker (Kathleen Turner) who, despite being married, doesn't exactly put up much of a fight when they begin a torrid affair. As Ned and Matty spend their nights together, they hatch a plot to get rid of…

Body Heat is one of the most entertaining films that I have seen in a long time. It is film noir for the modern era. It has something about it that brings to mind another film of much the same vintage – Jagged Edge (with a performance by William Hurt to match that of Jeff Bridges). Body Heat is also reminiscent of that classic film noir of the 1940s – Double Indemnity.Ned Racine (Hurt) is a somewhat inept and dishonest lawyer in a small town in Florida. He has a history of making careless errors and not always representing his clients' interests to great effect. He meets and becomes infatuated by bored housewife Matty Walker (played by Kathleen Turner), who lives in an opulent detached house and whose wealthy husband is away at work during the week. Ned and Matty begin an affair. Very soon, their thoughts turn to getting rid of Matty's husband – so they plan what they think is the perfect murder. But, of course, things do not go according to plan and, anyway, are not always …

The first half an hour of Body Heat is beautifully written, shot and set up. The photography, the lush John Barry score and the central idea are all fine. It's so good that it makes the mere dabbling in noir style that follows a disappointment. While it occasionally matches some good paleo-noir moments in the early part, it never tops them… which seems to be the appeal of a really great neo-noir. And it lacks those key moments where a twist, a camera movement and the score all come together to create chilling, indelible, filmic anchors. Unfortunately it just runs too long, and is insufficiently complex.Its second hour just lays there like a corpse once you know the twists (There are four: the will revised, the child witness, the boathouse, the yearbook). By the one hour-twenty minute mark, the tedium has become palpable, and it should start moving speedily towards a whammo ending that is still 40 minutes in the offing. In the eighties, if you knew nothing about noir, the later …

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