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Download Dünyayi kurtaran adam Full Movie | Download Movie Dünyayi kurtaran adam

Posted on: March 19, 2013

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Genres: Action , Adventure , Sci-Fi
Actors: Cüneyt Arkin , Aytekin Akkaya , Füsun Uçar , Hüseyin Peyda , Necla Fide , Mehmet Ugur , Kadir Kök , Aydin Haberdar , Yadigar Ejder , Hikmet Tasdemir , Celaleddin Enis Doruk
Director: Çetin Inanç
Country: Turkey
Year: 1982
IMDB Rating: 4.9/10 (4876 votes)

Two space cadets crash-land on a desert planet, where an evil wizard seeks the ultimate power to take over the world. Although the movie borrows some background footage from Star Wars, the plot is mostly unrelated.

Film Review

I must say that this is one of the most beautiful movies that i've ever seen, please make yourself a favor and watch this film. Withdunyayi kurtaran adam you'll laugh and cry like a child.believe me you'll never forget it. buy it, download it, steal it, just get a copy and wander through the void of joy. pherphaps if you are a casual viewer you'll find this piece of art a boring movie, but if you'r like me and love ed wood and the likes, then you'll be in heaven.the man who saved the world… greatest movie ever, I'll prepare to see captain America and santo vs spiderman…

"Dünyayi kurtaran adam" (The Man Who Saved the Earth) is the story of "strongest and greatest two Turkish warriors" who save planet Earth from the forces of Evil. It takes place during the so-called Galaxy Era, an era when the Earth (already shattered to pieces) is on its way to total destruction, barely held together by a protective shield made out of powdered human brains.The movie is inspired by the cult movie "Star Wars", made by George Lucas a few years before its Turkish counterpart was released. The American version was an ambitious effort: Lucas sought to show not only that Good can triumph over Evil, even in Outer Space, but also that it's possible to sell action figures of characters that receive less than ten seconds of screen time, and in doing so, become one of the richest people on Earth. "Dünyayi kurtaran adam" builds upon these ideas, yet does not forget to acknowledge Lucas' influence. If you look closely, yo…

This is the movie which is produced as very early Matrix with its limited budget. (Timing is wrong:))… But I heard that it had got ”sold out” label in USA Blockbusters… you will experience to see some star wars scenes at the back which is one of them is my favorite and unforgettable that is about a fighter is diving for bombing but the fighter is just ducking but the structure of the ship stays (I can watch this part several times with full of laugh with cramp in my stomach) you can enjoy while watching this movie. Don’t expect full of success but it’s real fantastic movie. Worth to watch this movie once in your life at least…

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