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Download Gettin’ Square Full Movie | Gettin’ Square Movie Bits

Posted on: March 19, 2013

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Genres: Comedy , Crime , Thriller
Actors: Sam Worthington , David Wenham , Timothy Spall , Freya Stafford , Gary Sweet , David Roberts , David Field , Luke Pegler , Richard Carter , Mitchell Butel , Gary Waddell , John Brumpton , Helen Thomson , Marea Lambert Barker , Joe Bugner
Director: Jonathan Teplitzky
Country: Australia, United Kingdom
Year: 2003
IMDB Rating: 6.6/10 (1904 votes)

Gettin’ Square is about starting over, keeping clean and going straight. Barry Wirth is fresh out of prison and determined to stay on the straight and narrow. But like his mate Johnny ‘Spit’ Spiteri and reformed gangster turned restaurateur Dabba, he finds out the hard way that there are old scores and a few new ones that’ll make getting square a lot harder than he thought.

Film Review

‘Gettin’ Square’ is one of my favourite movies of the last few years. It’s copped a fair bit of flak from critics, but in my opinion it’s one of the best Australian films going around today.The Australian film industry unfortunately doesn’t have the support of local audiences that it deserves, on top of this, Australian humour doesn’t seem to be very funny at all to overseas audiences and ‘Gettin’ Square’ will undoubtedly suffer the same fate as superb Aussie films like ‘Swimming Upstream’.In an era of Americanisation in the Aussie film industry (see ‘Blurred’ and the soon to come ‘Deck Dogz’) ‘Gettin Square’ has strong Aussie flavour with biting humour and a smart storyline. David Wenham’s performance as ‘Spit’ was hilarious, as was Timothy Spall’s performance as Darren Barrington. While Spall and Wenham provide the humour, Sam Worthington, David Field and Gary Sweet provide the stinging taste of Australia’s underworld, rehabilitation system and police corruption.As a whole, ‘Gettin’…

Look – this is not a great film. It doesn’t take you anywhere you haven’t been before, it is pure entertainment and nothing more. There’s no intellectual challenge, there’s no emotional connection – this is not an important film.That said, David Wenham’s ‘Spitz’ is just so damn funny!And that’s what this film is for. It’s an entertaining couple of hours. It’s not the saviour of the Australian film industry but it does have a place. Sometimes we just need to kick back, switch off and have a good laugh.Gettin’ Square is funny, light entertainment. It’s just your standard heist flick bordering on The Castle style suburban kitch but it does still stand up on it’s own – just. Perhaps because we are strongly suspect that ‘Spitz’ actually does exist (even if we don’t know him)… and please, Sam Worthington is so hot!

(SOME SPOILERS) Jonathan Teplitzky’s follow-up to ‘Better Than Sex’ (2000) tackles the caper/heist genre in ‘Gettin’ Square’, and for the most part, it’s fairly entertaining to watch. One story revolves around Barry Wirth (Sam Worthington), a wrongly convicted ex-criminal who has just been released to look after his younger brother, Joey (Luke Pegler). Barry plans to stay on the straight and narrow (i.e. get square), and is assisted by the sexy parole officer in Annie Flynn (Freya Stafford), but is dogged by dodgy Detective DeViers (David Field), and his old criminal buddy in Chicka Martin (Gary Sweet) who wants to recruit him again. The other story revolves around Darren Barrington (Timothy Spall), a struggling English restaurant owner in the Gold Coast. He, too, is on the straight and narrow after being in the criminal business, but his past catches up with him when the Police start investigating his previous finances.Then enter Johnny "Spit" Spitieri (David Wenham), a dag…

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