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Download Out of the Past Full Movie | Real Out of the Past Movie Download

Posted on: March 19, 2013

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Genres: Drama , Film-Noir , Thriller
Actors: Robert Mitchum , Jane Greer , Kirk Douglas , Rhonda Fleming , Richard Webb , Steve Brodie , Virginia Huston , Paul Valentine , Dickie Moore , Ken Niles
Director: Jacques Tourneur
Country: United States
Year: 1947
IMDB Rating: 8.1/10 (14980 votes)

Jeff Bailey, small-town gas pumper, has his mysterious past catch up with him one day when he’s ordered to meet with gambler Whit Sterling. En route to the meeting, he tells girlfriend Ann his story. Flashback: Once, Jeff was a private eye hired by Sterling to find his mistress Kathie who shot Whit and absconded with $40,000. He traces her to Acapulco…where the delectable Kathie makes Jeff forget all about Sterling… Back in the present, Whit’s new job for Jeff is clearly a trap, but Jeff’s precautions only leave him more tightly enmeshed…

Film Review

A quintessential film noir that deals with themes you would usually associate with the genre. A private detective starts a new life in a small town till one day a stranger stops by, looking for an "old pal", cue a flashback with some snappy narration (and a slew of one liners), a convoluted plot and a seductive, almost evil femme fatale. This film embodies "cool" for me, Robert Mitchum plays his character perfectly, like a hard-boiled Phillip Marlowe if you will. The femme fatale is played by Jane Greer who was also excellent. The film also includes an early performance from Kirk Douglas as the charismatic villain. He plays it with subtle nuances, he's psychotic without ever acting like it. Some of my favourite scenes in the film were between Mitchum and Douglas, their exchanges were highly entertaining and contained some great dialogue. Along with the dialogue, the most impressive thing about this movie was the visual style, the low key lighting and mise en s…

Starts out pretty decent it seems to be a basic storyline no mystery or drama. Seem like a nice peaceful movie something you watch to relax but it's not too relaxing still awake. It starts to get some mystery when a guy shows up. I like how some information is giving about the movie but more of a tease it's more general information nothing persefect, But there's one thing you can always count on with a boy and a girl. It's funny how you can get drag back into something you're trying to get out of you can't escape your past. He seems to be smart and pay attraction to everything around him. If you smoke and trying to quiet good luck watching this movie lots of smoking.

The Ghent filmfestival 2012 programmed this film under the heading "classics", and it truly belongs there in every meaning of the word. I must confess that I had never before considered seeing this film. Many oldies are slow and tedious, more often than not, but I stand corrected after seeing this one. After a few minutes you overlook that the film is in black and white. And the story is also well told and switches from one scene to the next at well chosen moments.Typically dating back to half a century ago is the number of cigarettes being lighted as a matter of course, outside and inside the house and without politely asking for objections. Such things mark this film more as ancient than the missing colors and the imperfect sound, in my opinion. And I found also remarkable the very very short credits at the end, compared with recent movies where you can sit watching credits for many minutes (but may be missing from the copy they used).In hindsight it was very unusual that …

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