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Download Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams Full Movie | Download Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams Dvd

Posted on: March 19, 2013

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Genres: Comedy , Adventure , Action
Actors: Mike Judge , Steve Buscemi , Daryl Sabara , Alexa Vega , Carla Gugino , Antonio Banderas , Christopher McDonald , Taylor Momsen , Alan Cumming , Holland Taylor , Ricardo Montalban , Emily Osment , Matt O’Leary , Cheech Marin , Danny Trejo
Director: Robert Rodriguez
Country: United States
Year: 2002
IMDB Rating: 5.0/10 (26411 votes)

Exploring the further adventures of Carmen and Juni Cortez, who have now joined the family spy business as Level 2 OSS agents. Their new mission is to save the world from a mad scientist living on a volcanic island populated by an imaginative menagerie of creatures. On this bizarre island, none of the Cortez’s gadgets work and they must rely on their wits–and each other–to survive and save the day.

Film Review

This is a scandalously bad film. None of the child actors should ever be allowed to act again, and neither should they be allowed to pass on their genetic material. On a serious note, the acting is appalling, the script is trash, the plot is horrible. This film will make you cringe with embarrassment. Some of the lines were so bad that I physically recolied from the screen. please don't watch this film, it isn't even bad in a way that makes it funny, it will just make you sad. When this film was made who was it supposed to appeal to? It's an insult to the intellignece of every child who has ever watched a film. To think that the director could ever have believed that anyone( including his own family) could like this film. I have written many better scripts than this one (although my scripts are actually quite good). Worst film ever!!

The original `Spy Kids’ had a great screenplay, which combined action, comedy and special effects in right doses. The movie was excellent. This sequel has exaggerated in the special effects – I myself have felt like watching (not playing) a video game – and unfortunately has forgotten to have a story. The actors and actresses do not need to act, since it has special effects all the time. I was watching this movie with my wife and two teenagers (my son and my nephew) on DVD. We have to use the `REW’ button at least three times along the film, since everybody has taken a nap in some part of the movie. Robert Rodriguez, please do not make `Spy Kids 3′ ! My vote is five.

(spoilers)Spy Kids was simply a treat. It was a total surprise. Alexa Vega was just this cool person. The movie was clearly cut good and evil. Kids vs adult weirdo’s.Unfortunately, Tipper Gore got hold of Spy Kids 2 and added a morality statement to it. Not that this movie is bad, but as with a lot of cartoon in the 90’s, some moral is gleened from this. Montleban is completely useless in his role and I’m not sure of the role of the grandparents. It reminded me of the movie Lost in Space. the director quoted on the DVD as saying that he made the first movie so he could make the second. I had to laugh at this. Then why spend all the good parts of the series on the first movie.Some of the movie is a bit on the embarrassing side of … ick don’t watch. Will kids watch it? Probably. But I think the plot is just way to complex for this kind of movie.And now Uncle Felix is the bad guy. Figures. Almost ruins the first film. But Spy Kids was so good, I doubt that’ll happen.4/10Quality: 6/10 …

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