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Download The Bad Penny Full Movie | Download Ipod The Bad Penny

Posted on: March 19, 2013

  • In: Drama | Mystery | Thriller
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Genres: Drama , Mystery , Thriller
Actors: Casey T. Evans , Tom Arnold , Nick Faltas , Bai Ling , Josh Randall , Lara Phillips , Ilia Volok , Travis Aaron Wade , Sumonta Muangthai , Jim Van Vleck , Jaqueline Ugarte , Alex Veadov , Bruno Gioiello , Philip D. Pinto , Frank Stasio
Director: Todd Bellanca
Country: United States
Year: 2010
IMDB Rating: 3.9/10 (80 votes)

Six years ago Jack “The Ripper” Stemmons, an American boxer had his career destroyed by a St. Louis bookie. After Jack seeks revenge he is forced into hiding. Jack disappears half way around the world in Thailand. There he falls victim to the addictive spell of Bangkok’s exotic and dangerous underworld. Eventually he finds solace in the arms of a beautiful prostitute who has been set in his path by a Russian gangster in order to get Jack back in the ring, This time in Bangkok’s notorious underground fight clubs. No matter how hard Jack tries to distance himself from his past, it always hunts him down like a Bad Penny. When a mysterious fight fan appears, it’s only a matter of time before Jack’s past, present and future accelerate and collide into a twisted climax.

Film Review

So i just got done watching this flick . I think this was a straight 2 DVD flick . Nevertheless it was mildly entertaining and a good story enough to not get you bored . Also this is the director first time directing a movie so i guess he managed to do a good job . Firstly without revealing too much , its about a boxer who has moved from America to bangkok for certain reasons and meets up with this so called "fan" . I don't think i ever got bored in the film , and i kinda like these low budget / not so Hollywood type movies . Actors in the film do a good job in their roles and everyone did a decent job without over reacting . There is a certain climax in the end , so look out for that too . Overall i would give this move a 6.5 . Not more , Not less

"The Bad Penny" is a perplexing but fascinating blending of crime drama, psychological thriller, and neo-noir detective story – a film that, like actual memories, is pieced together largely from fragmented flashback sequences that pop up at random. In actual linear time, it unfolds in less than an hour and a half. In narrative time, everything we see may in fact occur within a matter of minutes. We don't really know for sure. All we do know is that director/co-writer Todd Bellanca freely experiments with dialogue and structure as he fashions a raw and ragged character study. The film's unconventional style is matched only by its fast-and-loose production. The first week of shooting was done without a locked script. The location work in Bangkok, which featured existing buildings and real people, was done with only a six-man crew, one of which was the star. Because the filmmakers lacked a permit, they had to resort to bribing cops and bar owners.Although the end…

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