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Posted on: March 19, 2013

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Genres: Crime , Horror , Mystery
Actors: Malcolm McDowell , Jeremy Ratchford , Garwin Sanford , Brenda James , Paul Jarrett , Erin Wright , Philip Granger , C. Ernst Harth , John B. Destry , David Abbott , Arnie Walters , Ralph Alderman , Vince Murdocco , Gary Hetherington , Michael Kopsa
Director: Michael Bafaro
Country: Canada, United Kingdom
Year: 2002
IMDB Rating: 5.7/10 (854 votes)

A weary town faces a long, dark winter.

Film Review

When I originally sought to rent this movie I thought I was in store for a suspenseful horror type movie. I thought I would be guessing who the killer is as the body count grows. After all I discovered this movie on the "horror" shelf. What i actually discovered was a movie with nothing to offer, the most boring, pointless, worst movie, i ever seen.The movie begins with a body being discovered by two drunks in the woods of a city in Alaska on the final night of daylight. You already know that the barber did it. AFter this there is no movie left. The barber gets mad because he didnt think the body would be found until spring and begins to go on a "rampage". During this rampage about 5 people are killed and there is NONE, ZERO suspense, or blood involving the murders. The movie drags on as an FBI agent and the local police cheif try to figure out who the killer is. The thing is the audience already knows and there is no fun in watching the movie. There is n…

I bought this DVD cos it starred Malcolm McDowell, a well respected actor – I watched the DVD trailer to fill me in on the plot – I needn't have bothered – there wasn't one!Malcolm must have fallen on hard times to even associate his name with this movie – it appears to have won some awards, however they were Canadian and not exactly Oscars The plot was actually pretty transparent and you could almost see the next alleged "twist" waiting in the wings to enter Stage Left The whole thing was very disappointing and there were a few comedy stereotypes to amuse you – I don't think they were intended to be amusing but the performances were more contrived and wooden than Pinnochio This struck me as a very very poor version of the Hannibal Lecter series but was spoilt even more by poor old Malcolm having to read out his thoughts to set scenes etc – this is a cop-out for poor low-budget filmmakers I suppose I should have realised this was an awful film as it was in the sa…

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