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Posted on: March 19, 2013

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Genres: Drama , Comedy
Actors: Jarrod Bunch , Jim Moody , Regina Hall , Victoria Dillard , Melissa De Sousa , Monica Calhoun , Sanaa Lathan , Terrence Howard , Harold Perrineau , Morris Chestnut , Nia Long , Taye Diggs , Stu ‘Large’ Riley , Liris Crosse , Lady Madonna
Director: Malcolm D. Lee
Country: United States
Year: 1999
IMDB Rating: 5.9/10 (3456 votes)

Harper’s autobiographical novel is almost out, his girlfriend Robin desires commitment, and he’s best man at the wedding of Lance, a pro athlete. He goes to New York early (Robin will come for the wedding) to hang out with Lance and other friends, including Jordan, his former almost-lover, now in media and privy to an advance copy of the book. The men discuss women, never facing their own double standard; Jordan wants to try again with Harper, at least for one night; and Harper fears that Lance will read his book and learn that the bride-to-be slept with him once to avenge Lance’s many affairs. Can Harper mature before Lance kills him, Jordan seduces him, and he loses Robin?

Film Review

This is disgustingly misogynist. The only women who end up happy in the end are the stripper, the woman who accepts her fiance’s infidelity even though he expects her to be a virgin and the woman who has to win her boyfriend (the best man) back from a strong, independent woman by helping him to save the aforementioned ill-conceived marriage, and by being a fantastic cook. Any woman who dares to think of herself as equal is doomed to misery.

THE BEST MAN is a hip and sexy re-thinking of films like THE BIG CHILL and RETURN OF THE SEACAUCUS SEVEN, this time with an African American cast. The film centers on a group of college buddies who are reuniting for a wedding. Things get sticky when one of the group has written an about to be published novel, where the characters are just thinly disguised versions of his friends and how revelations in this book alter and shake the foundations of these relationships. Taye Diggs is attractive as Harper, the author of the book and the best man at the wedding; Morris Chestnut plays a professional football player and the groom; Nia Long is sexy and funny as Jordan, a TV journalist/Oprah wannabe who hopes to rekindle a romance with Harper at the wedding; Harold Perrineau plays a grade school teacher caught in a stranglehold of a relationship with an emasculating female (Melissa DeSousa); Terrence Howard steals every scene he is in as this group's voice of reality; Sanaa Lathan plays Har…

I have been looking for the overnight bag Morris Chestnut had at the bachelor party in the movie. Someone please help me find it!!!! The movie was a must have on video and the cast was excellent! Nia Long was gorgeous!!! No matter how many times I watch it it’s like the first. Are there anymore "black " films like this coming next year? Did this film receive many awards? How old is Nia Long in this movie? The female that slept w/ Terrance Howard was gorgeous also. What are her next movie project?What is her name? The girls at the party was fine!!!! Does the director have anymore projects pending? I give the entire movie an A+!!!!!!

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