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Download The Shrimp on the Barbie Full Movie | The Shrimp on the Barbie Movie Direct Download

Posted on: March 19, 2013

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Genres: Comedy
Actors: Cheech Marin , Emma Samms , Vernon Wells , Bruce Spence , Carole Davis , Terence Cooper , Jeanette Cronin , Gary McCormick , Frank Whitten , June Bishop , David Argue , Bruce Allpress , Val Lamond , Claire Glenister , Jonathan Coleman
Director: Michael Gottlieb , Alan Smithee
Country: Australia, United States
Year: 1990
IMDB Rating: 5.1/10 (670 votes)

Carlos failed in the show-biz and currently works as waiter in a Mexican restaurant. There he meets Alex and dumb footballer Bruce, who celebrate their engagement with her parents. Alex’ father is less than thrilled of her fiancée and says he’d rather accept anybody else. Eventually Alex hires Carlos to present him as her new fiancée. But her father sees through the game…

Film Review

What I liked about the film is the life lessons that Carlos (Cheech Marin) supplies in this film. Spoilers Ahead: The first is when he promises a free meal to a customer who turns out to be Australia's top food critic, which led to a rave review, based of course, on superior customer service. The next one is when he takes a beating from Alex's (Emma Samms) fiancée Bruce (Vernon Wells), after he catches him shacked up with Alex's best friend Dominique (Carole Davis (who is just as nasty in this film as she was in "Mannequin" & "if Looks Could Kill" (I remember her and the scorpion in that one)), and he still keeps his mouth shut. The final lesson of course, is how Carlos was able to not only survive in a foreign country, but win a women who is far above his social scale with decency. One other standout scene, is with Alex and the home movies where she exposes Bruce and Dominique to all of their friends (Including hitting her with a wedding c…

This movie is a "find" that you will always enjoy. Although set in a classic chicano v. anglo (or rather Aussie) frame, anyone that has had a rebellious family member or mismatched lovers will relate to this story, and that should be everyone. Marin is the ELA che who is hired to rub Dad the wrong way by Daddy’s baby girl, played by Emma Samm. Her himbo boyfriend can’t take a hint, but Marin keeps taking a dive. The Freudian equestrian cousin is the best character in the movie–you’ll want to see it again just for this memorable scene.Well, it’s a chick’s movie, so you know how it works out, but the comedy set-ups and Emma are so good, and Marin is so realistic, that it works for the guys.

Not a classic but one of Cheech Marin’s early films. There were so many lines that I kept saying for years like "look a kangaroo!" This film should be given a chance to watch with everybody. Don’t talk bad about this movie. It’ll be a cult classic soon.

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